Create the Experience

how a pearl is made

The story of products

A Pearl is one of nature's pureast crafts.

It takes months and even years of rigorous work, day and night, to achieve perfection, no matter what the odds of success are.And it is this persistance that inspires us to create the most outstanding products.

strategy that matters

Conditions need to be just right and known for a Pearl to start forming.

That's why it sends in the Business Analysts.

laser precision planning

We need to know exactly what we're making and the Pearl plans accordingly through Product Management.

pixel perfect execution

The Pearls is round and shiny.And it's as close to perfection as it's execution. We call this UX Perfection.

happy harvesting

The Pearl is done, but we're not.

Marketing Pearls will make sure you get the best value for your work.

Craft Oversight

The Essence




We love Cluj, but like to travel as well. We take pride in solving complex problems